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Be Committed to Better Packaging

Advantrio Packaging(Shandong) LLC is a China-based company dedicated to supplying high quality packaging products Made in China to customers all across the globe. Our products include plastic packaging, glass packaging, packaging decorating and other packaging. We are aiming at providing one-stop packaging solution for our customers. Meanwhile, we offer fast-sourcing services of certain items, quality inspection service as well as factory audit service. Making full use of our know-hows in the packaging industries in China, we strive to integrate different types of packaging material into a series of packaging solutions. We link our customers to a wide array of qualified packaging materials. 

Through the years since our company was founded, we have been extremely focusing on quality control efforts. We have well-managed production procedures and well-established quality control and quality assurance systems.

We believe that packaging plays a vital role in terms of keeping goods safe and original, adding values to products, stiring up sales, attracting consumers’ attention and shaping a brand eventually. We are making continuous efforts to help our customers decreasing costs, increasing sales, improving cost-effectiveness of their products which will eventually lead to a considerable growth of their net income. We are committed to better packaging and becoming a bridge which connects our customers and high-quality products made in China.